Register today for the 7th annual Jeff Conine Celebrity Poker Classic. All proceeds will benefit the Conine Clubhouse at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. With Live and Silent Auctions, Celebrity Players, and big prizes, it’s going to be a great night! We look forward to seeing you there!

300 Players!
OVER 350 attendees!
Nearly $145,000 raised!

Born and raised in Scotland, janitor Joseph Gormley - who works in a school in Parkland, FL - beat the odds and achieved the American Dream. When his daughter Mackenzie Rose was born in Feb 2018 a few weeks earlier than expected, his community rallied to help. When his wife Erin Ruth bought him a simple paint set one Christmas, it inspired him on an artistic journey to help his community. These days, his artwork goes for $25,000, and his unique talents have enabled him to raise over $270,000 to help children in need. His styles and mediums are diverse, with his favorite being acrylic pop art. This wildly talented, but humble man, never dreamed he would be on stage painting for charity next to famous people like Jeff Conine, Steven Tyler and Shaq O’Neil. Gormley’s new goal is to raise $1,000,000, and of course, donate it to the community. He feels blessed to be a janitor, loves being an artist and wants to be a philanthropist.

We are excited to welcome Mr. Gormley to the 7th Annual Jeff Conine Celebrity Poker Classic to perform a live painting during tournament play! Be sure to check out all his work and learn more about his cause on his Facebook page.

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Thank you to our sponsors, our players, our donors, our supporters and our volunteers for your outstanding generosity and support for the Jeff Conine Celebrity Poker Classic!

For more information, contact Craig Cohen at (954) 265-7241 or CrCohen@mhs.net